The beauty of Bella’s

This beauty right here (the photo)

Image 4-29-16 at 9.29 PM
Lobster bisque, croutons, pasta salada (one of the side options), apple juice, and tuna salad on white bread (they have other options of bread). Photo by: Gabi Hoover

is the reason why I’m back to my blog’s english corner (by the way, HELLO.. and thank you for taking the time to read it).

This is Bella’s Lobster Bisquê, a delicious cream, perfectly seasoned for a full flavor lunch experience. Ohh.. yeah.. I just used a lot of adjetives to describe a soup, but it has become one of my summer favorites.

Bella’s, a little bistro/bakery located in Clayton -NY, overlooking part of the St. Lawerence river in the  #1000Islands, has unique dishes, all created in it’s kitchen and using mostly local products. Last year, among other entrées, we were great fans of the Crabcake BLT (hoping it will be back in the menu). Their spinach salad is also tasty, and the pastries … yummmmm!!! 

Now, please understand: I am not a food critic. I am a food fan. And as a Brazilian, I love flavorful food that is not overpowered by spices. During summer, the #ThousandIslands region is booming with the local restaurants, bistros, coffee shops, and ice cream parlors. For the past three years, my husband and I go out on little motorcycle trips, exploring the area and trying it’s flavors. Bella’s has never disappointed us. Not only is the food delicious, but the service, the ambience, and attention of it’s staff is great. Ohh well… and to top it all off: THE BEAUTIFUL VIEW provided by the #StLawrenceRiver.

This week we visited Bella’s for the first time for 2016. It was a quick visit and we got to take our boy with us for the first time. The place is open and going with options for breakfast, a super cute children’s menu, and honest prices.

In case you need a good excuse to go for a drive… here is my little tip.

See you 😉