Dear Phone,

before I start, I need you to understand that I love you. Yes, I do. At first, I thought it was just a quick fling, I really thought I had developed for you a kind of attachment that was easy to manage, but as the time has gone by, I’ve been noticing I’m getting more and more dependent on you. Our relationship has grown so much in the past years, that I’m afraid it’s getting to a point of no return, and I don’t want that to happen.

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I want to respect you for what you are: a phone. Yes, you became pretty handy with all this smartness you added to your calling ability, but you are still a phone. That’s the reality that we can’t change.

You and I knew, since the beginning, that I was (and still am) committed. And it just so happened my guy helped me add another one to our relationship. They both are my priorities. And I’m not even going to mention all the house duties, my work plans, and other little things that come along the way.

… I really don’t know how to say this without being rude, my dear phone, so I’ll just go ahead and spit it out: we have to break up.

Sorry. This isn’t working for me anymore. I’m getting very addicted to you, and it’s not good. A lot of the stuff you want us to do together, can be done later, when there is nothing else going on. You and I will have to learn to wait for the right time.

What?.. _ What about the people texting me?, you ask.

Well… Dear Phone somethings will have to wait. Or, even better, be done the old fashion way: through a call. Let’s face it: if something is so urgent that can’t wait for a reply, it better be done in a conversation by voice (faster and more efficient).

Yeah, Yeap… go ahead and laugh at me as much as you want Dear Phone. You know it will be very hard for me. News flash: I know that too. I know how difficult it is to break a habit, I was a smoker once (and I cheat on my non-smoking self every once in a while). But I have will-power and an infinite love for my guys, so if we want to get this thing between us under control, we will have to learn to balance our relationship with the outside world. Because in reality the world you are just my window to, can wait.



Now, what about you? Tell me about your relationship with your phone in the comments bellow. Do you have a story to share?