I’d like to take you for a walk (in my shoes).

It’s now been 10 years that I’ve made the personal choice of moving to the USA. Being that I am 41 years old, you can easily do the math to figure that I was 31 years old when I moved. That is 31 years full of life, lived in my home country Brazil, more specifically by the borderline between São Paulo and the Minas Gerais States, but also with strong influences of São Paulo’s south shoreline, and São Paulo city (all of those places easily Googled). Actually, for full disclosure purposes, four years I spent in Ribeirão Preto, also São Paulo state, and almost a full one in a city known as Campinas.

I came to the USA because of love. I came so my guy and I could be together for real. I didn’t come here looking for a better life. I didn’t come here running away from violence, oppression, or famine. I walked through the front door, fluent in English, with diplomas in hand, books in my suitcase, and savings to rely on. I am here because I chose to live with the person I love, to whom I respect, and am committed to. And to who I have sworn loyalty to as a partner and companion.

Back in Brazil, I left my parents, my three siblings, and the others they brought into my life. Which includes three nieces and one nephew. Three born while I was already in America, and are growing up far from me.

I left my friends, the ones who know me all the way – child Gabi, teenager Gabi, young adult Gabi, drunk Gabi, stoned Gabi, pissed Gabi, heartbroken Gabi, proud Gabi, successful Gabi, etc. Gabi. I left my career. I left my professional and social network. You get it…

But I left it all because I chose to.

As you know, ten years is a long time. And the past 10 for me were dedicated to understand and become to my choices.

It’s almost like switching inside. Think about it.

Before I moved, I was in São Paulo city, a wild and chaotic Brazilian urban beauty, with over 12 million habitants. Now I live in the middle of the woods, in a village with around 2500 habitants.

I once spoke fast pace Portuguese, and didn’t have to think much before saying anything; I also wrote – a lot – without the need of a spelling check tool or much of a grammar correction; now I speak English, I write in English, and sometimes a simple casual conversation can drain my head for hours. Not to mention how long it takes to write and then be confident enough to release it out in public. And, if I’m stressed, all can turn to the worse, because the notion of “think before you speak” just doesn’t happen. I also hate speaking on the telephone.

And lets not even mention the climate. Never ever, in 31 years of life, had I dealt with temperatures lower than 31 degrees. And now, it’s two entire months of my life every year.

“Thanksgiving”.. sorry to break it to you, but it’s an American holiday. And one of the most challenging traditions for me to get into. To be very honest, November and December are still my torture months. It’s psychological warfare in my head. It is all too personal, to family-oriented (when all my family is far away), to commercial, and sometimes almost too fake for me, who’ve had only witnessed a “white Christmas” as a movie prop up till I was 31.

I’ve also never done Halloween. My Summer vacations were during December and January, and spent at the beach, Atlantic ocean kind. Also, the new year, as school and business is concerned, starts in February below the Equador.

Please, don’t see this as a complaint. Because it isn’t. I’m only trying to point out a little of my reality. In case you want to give it a little thought.

In the past 10 years, I built a home with my guy. I became an American resident, and then a Citizen. I gave birth to a boy who, at this point, already reads, writes, rides bicycles, and is bilingual. My skin color changed (due to my much-reduced exposure to the sun). My accent changed, and most meaningful, the way I look, feel, listen, and experience the world expanded immensely.

I once looked to myself as a white girl, the daughter of a Dentist, and from a well known local family; whose parents were (and still are) a strong united force. They provided me with all the love, comfort, and tools to grow into a “put together” adult. I had access to education, health care, food, shelter, even a summer home. But not always, did I get to pick the sneakers I wanted, the brand pair of jeans I dreamed of, or a whole bar of candy. To sum it up, my only job, for my first 20 years of life, was to keep up my grades, not to “screw up.” and follow the rules, the best I could.

Making America my home gave a whole new meaning to my story. And to add to that aspect, the past five years have even changed the way I approach the implications of being female, “privileged,” and “white.”

After all, remember: here, I am an immigrant.

So, I now rely on the internet a lot, as I also rely on my phone, and it’s social apps. Because, well, that’s how I can keep my other country close. It goes beyond just getting in touch with my loved ones. I am still a Journalist, I want better and more in-depth information on stuff that is going on, which – let me break to you again – is more than war, walls, stock market, and new iPhones.

But I won’t lie to you that this very particular fact sometimes can take my sleep away in a manner of “just imagine how would it be if…”

Anyways, there is a word in Portuguese which has no translation in any other language. The word is “Saudade.” Saudade could maybe be translated as the “heartache” we get when something we love, or care, or crave, is far from our reach.

As 10 years went by, I learned to manage my Saudade. But I’m no fool to think it will ever go away. Sometimes it hurts more, sometimes it is just an itch. Sometimes it leaks out of my eyes, and sometimes it brings me a big smile out of the blue.

Saudade can put me in a mood. To avoid it, for a while, I tried to ignore my experiences and beliefs. Another 10-year lesson: it doesn’t work. Because I can’t just change my essence.

What I am trying to say is that I believe we are our experiences, dreams, hopes, disappointments. We are “a bit” of our families, a pinch of the people we get inspiration from, seasoned with the books, movies, and songs we like. And that sometimes makes us very, very different from each other. Like water and oil. Two liquids that will not mix, which doesn’t particularly mean they won’t get along just fine. For example, biphasic body oils.

Alright, so to end this. I am not going to apologize for being me.

I also won’t feel bad because of my choices. I take full responsibility for my life, for being here, for being who I am.

I love my husband, who is also my best friend, my business partner, and my riding buddy. I share parenthood with him. And together, we take full responsibility for our child’s behavior, actions, and nutrition up to when he reaches a certain age.

I save money because life is not just a “Y.O.L.O” kind of thing. I respect the elderly because they lived more than I did. I will always greet people as they come into my home, and I will always say bye when they leave. As a good Brazilian, I’m a hugger, and I speak with my hands. I will never understand boxed mashed potatoes or American carrot cake.

I like parties, but they require a lot of work, and time I don’t have. So, for now, I’m putting energy and savings into the business I just started, and one day, I’ll be making enough money to hire catering services to take care of the work, while I can enjoy as much as my guests.

To finish up: I plan to enjoy every little bit of the short Summers we have in this cold area of the globe. And you are welcome to join, as far as we can both agree to respect our differences.

Sobre ser um profissional no lar

Como é prático acordar, tomar meu café, despachar meu filho de ônibus pra escola, cuidar dos rituais da manhã e, então, caminhar (muitas vezes de meias) até o cômodo da casa que, carinhosamente, denominei “lair” (lé-ar), que em inglês quer dizer toca. Visto calças de moletom, um suéter em lã, e pantufas, mas vou maquiada, com o cabelo arrumado, e uma garrafa térmica com café. Tenho pela frente uma jornada de 5 horas de trabalho, que varia para mais ou para menos conforme a pauta.

As vezes, no meio do expediente, aproveito para colocar um cesto de roupa pra bater na máquina de lavar, refogar o jantar, e dar uma caminhada com o cachorro.

Tudo muito prático, lindo, ótimo! Não fosse o fato de que enquanto coloco a roupa na máquina percebo que o chão está imundo, a privada precisa ser limpa, e acabou minha cebola. O telefone apita, e então descubro, via texto da escola, que as crianças estão voltando pra casa porque tem uma tempestade se aproximando.  E eu ainda nem levei o  cachorro pra caminhar. Puff… a bolha da criação explodiu. E assim, meus amigos, percebo que o dia no escritório já era. fullsizeoutput_5e69

Pois é, se você é um profissional no lar, sei que você me entende.

Estabelecer uma rotina de trabalho em casa é complicado, mas não impossível. Só que não existe formula, porque envolve ajustes em três setores da nossa vida: o profissional, o pessoal, e o doméstico.

Trabalhar em casa é uma tendência no mundo inteiro. No Brasil, em particular,  sinto uma vibe de mudança em relação ao profissional independente, que oferece seus conhecimentos e serviços a partir de um hub doméstico. 

O problema em trabalhar de casa, é que pra muita gente por traz dos benefícios e da  praticidade, estão disfarçados obstáculos de uma rotina doméstica. Entende? Esses não são obstáculos exclusivos daqueles que ainda tem que cuidar de filhos, eles valem pra todo e qualquer profissional que opta por trabalhar em casa.

Mas que obstáculos são esses? 

Justamente por serem obstáculos de ordem doméstica, esses são de ordem privada, ou seja, cada um tem uma experiência diferente. Além do fator geográfico, que pode interferir no ambiente e condições de trabalho.

Por exemplo: aqui nos EUA, não é comum contratar serviços domésticos; já no Brasil a realidade é outra, tornando mais comum a contratação de alguém para os serviços domésticos. Daí que, pensar no tempo que será dedicado aos afezeres domésticos pode ser importante na hora de pensar uma escala semanal de horas trabalhadas. Por outro lado, o acesso a tecnologia e a prestação de serviços em áreas como internet e telefonia aqui nos EUA é bem superior, o que facilita às condições de trabalho.

Além disso, um erro gravíssimo é pensar nas tarefas domésticas como parte do trabalho em casa. Infelizmente, esse debate ainda passa por questões de cunho cultural e desigualdade de gêneros. Como dito no vídeo acima, as tarefas domésticas, devem ser de distribuídas entre todos que vivem sob o mesmo teto.  Nesse quesito, a mulherada ainda fica na pior (realidade dura, nua, e crua), porque em nossa maioria fomos pré-programadas pra cuidar do lar.

Em casa dividimos, mas eu tenho o volume maior de tarefas por dois motivos: 1. sou chata e tem coisa que eu gosto de fazer do meu jeito; 2. o Mr. é o principal “fazedor de finanças” da família e ele trabalha em esquema de plantão com horário não flexivel.

Vamos falar sobre Disciplina

Desde que coloquei o tema #trabalharemcasa na pauta do meu Instagram, recebi 11 emails, directs, e comentários de amigos e familiares sobre o tema. Embora as opiniões sejam diferentes, um fator comum prevaleceu: DISCIPLINA.

Seria disciplina a chave do nosso mistério? … lembre-se, esse texto é uma reflexão. Dito isso, vamos voltar a ela.

Pense o seguinte: se ao invés de profissionais liberais fossemos atletas profissionais, provavelmente seríamos detentores de troféus e medalhas, conquistados com muito sangue, suor, e lágrimas. Em outras palavras: muita Disciplina, especialmente para manter seu compromisso com a ROTINA de treinos. fullsizeoutput_5e6f

No meu caso, pensar e organizar uma uma rotina semanal de trabalho e afazeres, tem me ajudado (e muito)  manter minha disciplina em relação a trabalhar em casa.

No entanto, chegar até aqui foi, e continua sendo, um processo (mais ou menos 6 anos se você estiver curiosa/curioso). E, no meu processo, precisei sentar e ter uma conversa profunda e conscientizadoras com meu filho e marido sobre minha nova rotina, meus horários de trabalho, e a importância de não ser “interrompida” quando estou em momento de criação. A palavra chave aqui foi Diálogo.

Disciplina vs. Prioridade

Talvez essa seja a pedra no caminho de muitos de nós, trabalhadores no lar. O que, quando, e como priorizar?

Se disciplina for a chave do mistério, o que fazer, então, com os imprevistos da vida? Porque você sabe, eles aparecerão, e precisarão de nossa absoluta atenção. Especialmente quando acompanham descrições do tipo: hospital, febre, urgente, fumaça, prazo vencido, etc etc etc.

Meu amigo, minha amiga…. trabalhar em casa exige um estado de espírito flexível, e muita clareza sobre suas prioridades, porque os imprevistos aparecerão. E seu sucesso estará na maneira como você irá lidar com eles.

Disciplina e prioridade podem andar de mão dadas. Mesmo quando temos de abrir mão de uma em detrimento da outra.

Meu caso: nos últimos 6 anos trabalhar de casa é minha meta. No entanto, até Janeiro de 2018, eu não estabelecia uma rotina e muito menos olhava para meus projetos com prioridade. Deixei que meu mundo girasse exclusivamente em torno da minha família e do andamento da casa. Qualquer coisinha era desculpa pra nem ligar o computador de forma criativa. Daí que uma hora deu um clique. Eu estava me sabotando! Precisei olhar com carinho para meu passado profissional, fazer as pazes com o que me incomodou, entender o que  não quero, e, a partir daí, passei a focar nos meus projetos, que são, nesse momento, minha prioridade. É claro que ainda estou aqui para os “incêndios” do dia-a-dia, mas passamos a dividir mais. Envolver meu filho e meu marido em minha decisão de estar comprometida com o trabalho em casa, foi fundamental pra chegar a uma rotina produtiva.

Sobre encontrar equilíbrio

O fato é: não existe fórmula pra encontrar o equilíbrio perfeito entre disciplina, prioridades, vida doméstica, vida profissional, processo criativo, etc. O que existe é vontade e determinação. Saber olhar pra si mesmo e reconhecer quais seus sonhos e onde você tem colocado sua energia. A partir daí, deixa fluir. Ajuste suas necessidades de acordo com sua realidade.

Apenas comece.

Agora é com você: Você trabalha em casa? Você está querendo trabalhar em casa? Começando? Deixe um comentário, me conta sobre seus erros e acertos. Vamos tentar fazer uma listinha das coisas que nos ajudam estabelecer uma Rotina Profissional em Casa.

Fico por aqui, porque é hora de levar o cachorro pra caminhar !

Até 😉

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    Crédito das Photos: Adobe Spark and Personal Archive


Maria stared out the window while stirring sugar into a fresh cup of coffee. Her mind wondered about the amount of sugar she had put in her coffee. “I’m starting to believe I have a sugar problem”, she thought “it’s not a coffee addiction”, as her heart skipped a bit, and she smiled, “just like Bis coffee”.

Bis, aka Grandma Bilete, was her Father’s mother. The two of them shared a special bond, that wasn’t easy to describe. It was as though they understood each other’s minds and tastes in life, despite the fact that they belonged to two completely different generations. When Grandma had passed, she felt that part of her was gone too. She longed for her Grandma’s smile and kind words. She was sorry that her son didn’t have the chance to hug his Great-grandma. Maria had miss the whole funeral thing, because her boy was a few weeks old, and she was now living in a different land.

“It was better this way”, she thought. “Now I actually get to always remember her face with some fresh applied blush, and a nice sugary cup of coffee”. Bis was also the reason Maria liked coffee so much: the memories a cup of coffee could bring her were the best ones.

That morning was a dreary one. As she stared out the window, rain had taken over for the past two days, and it looked like not much was about to change. It was the beginning of April, the blurry rainy season in the north country. Through the window, she could see the flooded backyard. She looked pitifully, “Poor dogs. This is going to be another inside day”. Yet her mind cheered: “April showers, bring May flowers. Just hang in there, green grass and motorcycle weather are just around the corner”.

With a little pirouette, Maria turned around and headed to the refrigerator to grab fixings to prepare her son’s school lunch. Like most weekday mornings, “Todo dia ela faz tudo sempre igual”, she sang a verse of the song “Cotidiano”, from Brazilian singer/songwriter/writer (and any other intelectual kind of stamp there is) Chico Buarque.

Ohh… the things her mind could wonder about while simple stirring sugar into a cup of coffee. In less than five minutes, she worried about her sugar intake. This led her to happy memories of her Grandmother Bis, whom would have love to stare at the flooded backyard, searching for birds, while wondering about Maria’s motorcycle ride. Yet, riding was only possible because Maria’s (now) 6 years old son had an eight hour long school day… Speaking of school … Maria suddenly felt reminded of her routine of fixing the boy’s lunch, making the breakfast, and getting the house going. “…Todo dia ela diz que é pra eu me cuidar, e essas coisas que diz toda mulher / Diz que está me esperando pro jantar, e me beija com a boca de café… tralala”, she sang thoughfully.